Let My People RAW

The Big Idea

FOOD is a major staple in Jewish culture and tradition. The dining table has always been the place where people would gather, socialize, share wisdom and build relationships.

LET MY PEOPLE RAW (TM) is a unique educational campaign which will be conducted by the KATHARSIS non-profit organization (http://www.the-katharsis.org), and will be focusing on educating the Jewish community in Los Angeles how to improve their health and well being by implementing more vegan living foods into their diet, just like it was in time of creation.

The health statistics of the Jewish population nationwide are not very promising. The National Jewish Health Association website reports growing and concerning numbers of diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, respiratory problems and many others - all constantly on the rise, despite the advanced medical research and technology. One out of 3 men and woman over the age of 40 who consume the S.A.D diet (Standard American Diet) that consists of mostly processed foods, dairy and meat is prone to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

At the same time, massive scientific research demonstrates the direct link between animal based diet including dairy and processed foods (white flour, refined sugar etc.) to almost all medical conditions, and a growing number of websites offer scientific studies that educate people about the risks of such diet, and encourage them to reduce such foods as much as possible, and consume more living vegan foods.

The awareness of a LIVING VEGAN diet is also a growing trend worldwide, and people realize the benefits of uncooked vegan food, which are naturally enzyme and nutrient rich, alkaline, easy to assimilate and very delicious!

By educating the Jewish people of how to maintain a healthy diet, we will not only save the future of our generation, but also create a new, conscious platform of culinary interaction that will allow people to maintain proper body ecology, raise healthy children and empower people that indeed a healthy Jewish mind starts in a healthy body.

The way the campaign will be conducted is through a community website where information and recipes are shared for free. We will offer a complete and easy to follow 21 days (the time it take to cultivate a new habit) FREE transitioning program that will allow people to gradually implement this diet more and more into their lives. The recipes will include mouth watering healthy vegan and raw alternatives to ALL traditional and popular foods, all Kosher and Parve, including: appetizers, entr/(c)es, soups and salads, desserts, breads, smoothies, ice creams, pizzas and more.

The site will also offer free videos and downloads, blog, guest chef appearances, social networking, and featuring local food establishments that implement raw vegan items into their existing menus. We will also feature success stories of people who transformed their lives.

The campaign will help Jews to free themselves from the bondage of an unhealthy diet, and step into the realm of freedom and a conscious lifestyle, longevity and radiant health for young and adults.

The Impact

The project,Aeos primary goal is to educate, and spread the knowledge and science of a delicious, Kosher, Parve living vegan cuisine, through the Los Angeles Jewish community and reach out to as many individuals as possible.

The second goal, is to allow as many people as possible to learn, experience and enjoy the many benefits of a gourmet living vegan diet, just to name a few:

1.    Health: Persons embracing this type of diet invariably experience improvements in their general physical and mental status, including more energy, better health, MASSIVE weight loss, anti-aging, detoxification, better digestion and elimination, thicker and shinier hair, much better skin, better emotional and mental health, a sturdier immune system that better resists and recovers from just about any kind of disease... and the list goes on...

2.    Going GREEN & Energy efficiency: Since we no longer have to cook, we don't waste electricity, and save the environment. Being green is SO popular today and many people are looking for ways to have less of an impact on the environment in their daily lives.

3.    Since we eat organic agriculture, you help to save the planet. Most become more in-tune with their body; many report definite spiritual improvements and accelerated spiritual growth.

4.    No animal products are used, so the animals appreciate it.

The third goal of the campaign, is to inspire and encourage the formation of platforms for social interaction between individuals, groups and institutions, such as: communal raw vegan holiday and Shabbat dinners, food classes, food festivals and more.

The fourth goal, is to target local Jewish catering companies, kitchens, and food establishments and share with them the information and delicious gourmet recipes, and present them the tremendous benefits of raw, vegan cuisine and implementation of more raw vegan food items into their existing menus.

Fifth goal, is to reach children. Education is such a paramount aspect in raising a healthy child. We will introduce the most amazing, easy to make, delicious gourmet food recipes that kids LOVE: chocolates, ice creams, pizzas and more -- all healthy and "guilt free".

However, the most valuable impact we expect from this campaign, is that the Jewish people gain the most radiant health EVER, reverse aging, eliminate illnesses and conduct a healthy life style leading into a more promising and powerful future and stronger Jewish communities.

Also, on the philanthropic side of things: we will encourage all to support the less fortunate in our communities, and donate to our organization so we could expand the campaign and offer FREE raw vegan, Kosher gourmet meals deliveries for Shabbat and high holidays to distressed families and homes for the elders across Los Angeles.

This Is A Great Idea Because

The fact that the Jewish traditional cuisine has never been revised, is an alarming sign of it's own. Albert Einstein (a famous Vegetarian Jew) once said: "You can't expect different results, by doing the same thing over and over again." Therefore, if the Jewish community aims towards radiant health and graceful aging, medication free, and outstanding longevity - something drastic needs to be changed in the way we relate to food.

LET MY PEOPLE RAW (TM) is the first ever campaign, that tackles this crucial and sensitive subject matter of FOOD, and offers Jews a healthy gourmet alternative to foods that actually harm them and deteriorate their health, no matter how fancy it appears, and how strict their Kosher label is.

The matter of fact is that Jews have the longest list of severe medical conditions, their own exclusive 'genetic' diseases and constantly growing and alarming numbers of illnesses that get worse as people age. All these can be prevented by changing diet at an early age, and it's efficiency has been clinically and scientifically proven.

Our campaign targets precisely that, and will gently infuse people with free and easy to implement valuable knowledge that will transform the Jewish health in amazing ways, as well as providing a fresh, delicious, gourmet and new healthy way to relate to food and shift their well being.

We will inspire Jews that delicious gourmet food can still be healthy, pleasurable and SO good for you!


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