Ideas—Caring for Jews in Need

Person to Person

The Torah teaches us that "you shall open your hand to your brother, to your poor and the destitute in your land". In these difficult economic times there are many Jewish families and individuals who are poor or living on the edge, here in our land --our San Fernando Valley. Many people have lost their jobs and are in danger of losing their homes. Being a difficult time, people do not have as much to give as they once did either. Our Person to Person program wants to help with these problems. Person to person is a program of direct…


Why should others help us if we ourselves do not help each other?
Therefore my big idea is to create the Jewish volunteer organization "SURVIVAL".
It is never too much help. I believe that one more properly functioning organization providing help to Jewish people could make a difference.
The idea came to my mind when I learned about the tragedy in Arizona, Tucson. Not only some victims, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, were Jewish, but it may be that even a shooter Jared Lee Loughner was a Jew (I did not find any information about his ethnicity, religion, or family…

Computer / Electronic Donation Center

Currently I am working with a few investors to get my branded computer repair company off the ground. it is in a competition right now for its innovative idea and will hopefully win. The non profit I want to create within the Jewish community is a place where people can drop off their old and used computers or electronics such as iphones cell phones etc. These will be fixed by the computer company that I have created and then resold back to the community for less or given to local charities.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Table Tennis Therapy Program

The Sport and Art Educational Foundation (SAEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization currently dedicated to improving the health and wellness of those in the West Los Angeles Jewish community. With headquarters in the Westside Jewish community center, SAEF operates the Alzheimer's Table Tennis Therapy Program where instructors work with Alzheimer's patients along with patients with other forms of dementia, to improve their overall well-being through a carefully supervised games in table tennis. An article about our program was recently featured in the Jewish Journal: Our work at SAEF is based on a Japanese clinical study that has demonstrated table…

One Stop Philanthropy

I propose a website that would computerize Jewish charitable giving. The website would provide a venue for those donors who wish to make their donations electronically. The website would provide an easily accessible location where prospective donors can obtain information on the relative merits of different charities and the functions they hold (i.e. dinners, vacations, etc). Thus, even if the donor still wants to transact donations in the traditional way, he would still have the potential to book these special events (dinners, trips, vacations etc) on the website.

The donor would be asked a number of basic personal questions like…

Shiva Sisters

Shiva Sisters is a full service company, which lightens the burden for those who have lost a loved one. We create a meaningful Shiva, reception, memorial or gathering in which the presence of family and friends becomes an essential part of healing. At a moments notice, we quickly facilitate an event, which is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each family.

Before we formally started our company, we sought to understand the various rituals and processes performed after a death to help each family through this painful time. Not only did we assess the available literature and attend seminars…

Torah Letzion

Torah Letzion (TLZ) is a not-for-profit organization started by Yeshiva University students and currently run by students from Yeshiva University and Stern College. Following high school, almost everyone in the "Modern Orthodox" world goes to yeshiva or seminary for a year full of growth, inspiration and independence. Unfortunately so many boys and girls have a difficult time getting the funds to go to Israel for the year. TLZ's primary goal is to assist students with their dream of learning in Israel post-high school. So far, in a little over two years, we have helped send 20 students to Israel, yet…

“Take Two” A gift from our home to yours

Two years ago, while producing a TV show about Hometown Heroes, I visited a non-profit organization in Minnesota that took my breath away. Called, "Bridging" it closed the gap between Minneapolis' "haves" and "have-nots." The premise is simple; Collect people's unwanted furniture and household goods and give them for free to people who desperately need them. There's nothing like "Bridging" in Los Angeles. 

My next big Jewish idea is to build a bridge between the "haves" and "have-nots" in our city  to serve the Jewish community and all in need.

Based on the Jewish concept that community resources should be…

Beit Sefer L’Kol Yeled

Our Community needs to address the educational issues regarding Jewish children with special needs. Parents committed to providing their children with a day school education are faced with two unacceptable choices: sacrifice their child's Jewish education to obtain services that are only provided through the public schools, or provide their child with a day school education and sacrifice the services their child needs. Special needs children need to receive both. All children are our future; both special needs and typically developing children. 

I propose establishing a special needs school where children can receive both a Jewish education and have the…

Cater for the unfortunate Jews

For the fortunate and wealthy Jews, let them share their wealth with the unfortunate Jews. Let them be giving to those that are lacking. Opening an organization or a small corporate firm is good. This organization will ensure that Jewish community comes together as one to help those that are needy among themselves. This corporate can be inform of a financial institution which is non profit organization to carter for the needs of others among the Jewish community. Small loans, credit and also issues to do with getting employement, assistance with affordable housing can be of great importance through this…

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