The Temple Mobile Video Project

The Big Idea

The Temple Mobile Video Project will bring live and recorded video streaming capabilities to Los Angeles area synagogues and make local temple content more available than it has ever been before. A mobile video system will be provided for temples in the Los Angeles area to film services, educational content and special programming that can be delivered over the Internet.

This project will celebrate Los Angeles area temples in a totally new and dynamic way and it will teach local synagogues about the opportunity to have permanent live video streaming capabilities installed at their facilities. Mobile video and installed video streaming systems will actively reach out to affiliated and unaffiliated Jews and bring Jewish services and other local temple content out from behind the walls of our synagogues and make it available to everyone in a convenient and easily accessible way.

The Impact

This project will engage the local Jewish community in a dynamic and interactive way like never before possible. It will substantially increase the number of Jews that experience temple programming and content. And, by exposing many more Jews to what is going on at local temples, this project will build a stronger, more affiliated and more cohesive Jewish community in Los Angeles.

Most of the Los Angeles Jewish community rarely attends services or other temple events. The Temple Mobile Video Project will deliver current, local temple content over the Internet so that more people will be able to enjoy the services and the variety of programming that are available at our local synagogues. Delivering this content over the Internet will also reach Jews in need including people who are ill, people in hospitals or nursing homes and people without transportation. The project will also target younger Jews who are most often unaffiliated and are most comfortable with the Internet. Additionally, it will help ensure the Jewish future by creating a legacy for congregations and communities to record and forever maintain the spiritual and inspirational contributions of their clergy and lay leadership.

We will utilize the latest technology available to support local synagogues and deliver spiritual and educational Jewish content in a totally new and innovative way. Filmed content will initially be made available through participating temple web sites and other existing on-line options. Weekly and holiday services, designated prayers, adult education, special speakers, sermons and musical selections are just some examples of the type of content that will be delivered. This content will then be collectively promoted to the Jewish community through the creation of a temple internet programming guide. Ultimately, edited and archived content may be produced in an even more viewer-friendly format through an independent web site and other media.

This Is A Great Idea Because

The Temple Mobile Video Project will for the first time deliver current, local synagogue programming and content from different temples and multiple Jewish denominations in a way that is easily accessible to Jews in Los Angeles and throughout the world. The project will substantially increase the audience for local services and other temple events and it will broadcast local clergy and congregations in a dynamic and creative way.

The Temple Mobile Video Project

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