The Shabbat Rocks Tour and Traveling Tzadik Experiential Learning Exhibit

The Big Idea

My Big Jewish Idea is to create a tour across the country that brings a unique experience to every Jewish community in the U.S. by connecting and engaging our youth through the power of music, experiential learning and technology both onsite and online. Imagine a tour bus wrapped in cool graphics pulls into your temple's parking lot and sets up an interactive exhibit designed to engage our youth through the media and means they enjoy most. The exhibit would not only teach them about Jewish culture and history, attendees would also learn about the other Jewish communities across the country.

The Traveling Tzadik Experiential Learning Exhibits would connect Jewish communities across the U.S. by leveraging gaming, social networking and other technologies to share artifacts, stories, art, relics, music, video and more so every Jew can see how others live, pray and celebrate. The exhibit would then be followed by a live concert or religious performance by Shabbat Rocks. Starting in Atlanta, the tour would have a life online and on the road as it winds across the US, making stops at as many congregations and communities as possible, tying them into the social network and shared experience of the whole event. The tour would ultimately end in LA where the time capsule, filled with items collected from the various stops, would reside at The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles for future generations to continue the pursuit of keeping Judaism alive through our youth.

The Impact

The ultimate goal is to connect Jewish Communities across the U.S. and their youth through technology and music. We will accomplish this by taking Shabbat Rocks and The Traveling Tzadik Exhibit on the road to as many congregations across the US to collect items for the exhibit and time capsule, ending the tour in LA where the time capsule will be kept for a future generation. With the help of social networks and media we can connect these communities in real time, allowing them to all watch the progression of the tour and the final placement of the time capsule.

This Is A Great Idea Because

No one has brought an event from congregation to congregation that engages the youth of our communities through the mediums they love — rock n roll, experiential learning (i.e. interactive media, games, hi-tech exhibits, social networking etc.) and leverage technology to connect everyone in real time to experience the event.

Shabbat Rocks (SoundArt Records)

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