The Chesed Project

The Big Idea

The Chesed Project is a web site dedicated to informing the public about different Chesed projects available in your community/city/state/country. It will be a allow people to identify a relevant Chesed project and get more information about the project and facilitate involvement.

The Impact

The goals of the project are to energize the Jewish youth to get more involved in Chesed projects so as to facilitate tikkun olam. Our children are the future of the Jewish People and we need to instill in them the midot of Chesed and reaching out to build and assist the community they live in.

This Is A Great Idea Because

Currently there is no centralized site to encourage Chesed in our communities. By leveraging social networking and the power of the internet, we believe we can energize the Jewish community to get involved in more Chesed opportunities

Promote this Idea

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