Adult Birthright Trips...It's Never Too Late

The Big Idea

The future of Judaism lies not only in the hands of the young. Many Jews become observant and connected during AND AFTER college. Currently the opportunities for Jews in their 30's and 40's to take a group trip to Israel are very limited unless they have the time and financial ability to go through a service or education program.

Adult Birthright Trips will provide the opportunity for even more Jews to travel to their spiritual homeland, engage, explore, and connect, even when the financial means aren't necessarily there. It is crucial that all Jews find that connection to the land and the people, no matter what age.

The Impact

The goal of the project is to enable Jews who reconnected with Judaism later in life (post age 26) and missed out on experiences like Birthright.

As we all know, the economy is tight and the cost of living in Los Angeles is high even in the best of times. For those Jews who didn't learn about Birthright until they were too old (I was 26.5), there will no longer be that feeling of, "I missed out". This "lost" group can partake of a group experience and connection.

How will this impact the LA Jewish Community? As Jews find their way home spiritually, they also need to find their way to connect to Israel. Since many Jews are raised Jewish but with little connection to Israel, this is one of the best ways to help older Jews connect, even if later in life, a love of Israel, the people and the land is just one of the many things that will help sustain the Jewish people and build an even stronger and engaged LA Jewish community.

This Is A Great Idea Because

There are no free or VERY low cost trips for Jews in their late 20's - 40's. There are group trips but the truth is, for a couple to take a trip is thousands of dollars and many just simply can't afford it.

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