Ideas—Ensuring the Jewish Future

Dust of Europe

Dust of Europe is a multimedia project whose goal is to reach out to and to inspire young members of the Jewish community to dig into their families’ history. Shakespeare said, “What is Past is Prologue.” History is not irrelevant. The documentary portion of the project follows me, a 29-year-old as I track the path of my great-grandfather, Joseph Kershner, as he journeyed from Burlington, Vermont back to Turysk, Ukraine to save family members. Tracking the exciting story has also been a personal journey that has helped me to discover how I can use my career to have a greater…


Jerusalem4ALL is a collaborative, communities based international education, training, and research organization dedicated to promoting peace, security, freedom, and planetary well-being. The topography of Jerusalem inspired an ancient understanding of the holy city as the navel of the earth. We now envision an open Jerusalem as the capital city of the planet.

Jerusalem4All is dedicated to innovative, forward looking approaches to the future of the Jewish people in the current millennium. Peoples across the planet live in communities whether rural villages or villages within urban megalopolis centers such as Los Angeles, Paris or New York. In our era more women…


It's no secret that post- Bar/Bat Mitzvah Supplemental Jewish education is plagued by high drop-out rates. Unfortunately, the response by many supplemental programs has been to cut school hours and material from the curriculum. But with rising intermarriage rates and lower levels of education among many Jewish youth, attempts to keep students in the classroom by decreasing emphasis on education should strike many as troubling. It is for this reason that I propose the creation of a program in which Jewish high school students are given the opportunity to receive an intensive Jewish education by studying in classes taught by…

ELIEZER - Free Dating and connecting site for Jews

This self sustaining website will mainly do the matchmaker's job, by using a series of highly developed questionnaire sets, which will then create a very meticulous database that will provide the most adequate match based on similarity and mutual interests, belief system and preferences (cultural, social, political, etc.) It will be a NON-PROFIT site, developed by myself with the help of professionals I trust and are willing to help. The site will have other functionalities than romantic - it will help connecting people, there will be a genealogy section, a social networking section, an employment and job section, a community…

Project Connect: Ensuring our Jewish Future - One Relationship at a time

Healthy marriages represent the core of our ability to keep the fundamental aims of Jewish continuity alive. However, a three-pronged crisis is threatening the roots of this sacred Institution: - Many are choosing not to get married. - Of those who do get married, many struggle to maintain and sustain long lasting healthy relationships. - Many are choosing to marry out.

The Chesed Project

The Chesed Project is a web site dedicated to informing the public about different Chesed projects available in your community/city/state/country. It will be a allow people to identify a relevant Chesed project and get more information about the project and facilitate involvement.


Jewish assimilation can be reduced by creating a modern secular Jewish inspired culture. In short, create an Jewish inspired art scene of fashion, film, photography, music, that Heebsters can continue to explore throughout their lives. Keep it hip and fun.

J-Eureka! - Discover the treasure-hold of Jewish Ideas

The next big Jewish Idea is: Jewish Ideas!

For all who have wanted to ask, but were afraid there was no answer, here is your opportunity!
So Ask!
What is so precious about Judaism that it must continue?
What does Judaism have to tell the world? What does it have to tell me? What does it have to say to the adult, critical mind?
The responses: Here is the opportunity to encounter the real thing: serious, thoughtful but exciting reflections from a variety of outstanding thinkers on the tough questions; answers for the adult mind that…

Camp Oasis Creating a Better Vision for LA, One Camper at a Time

Free from the stereotypes and prejudices that may have developed between neighbors of diverse religious/ethnic backgrounds based upon perception rather than reality, Camp Oasis will bring together teens aged 13-15 from throughout LA's school system to a neutral, established and fully operational camp site (nestled in the Angeles National Forest twenty miles east of beautiful Lake Castaic) in order to take on the monumental task of reshaping the next generation of Los Angeles' multicultural skyline by allowing teens from all walks of LA to live, work and play together with the goal of breaking down visible and invisible barriers, establish…

Holiday Pilgrimage

The holidays of Pessach, Shavuot and Sukkot mark three special points in the year when the entire Jewish community would unite in Jerusalem to celebrate together. The State of Israel was reintroduced to the world amidst a business savvy population- one which drives travel prices up specifically at popular times such as holidays. This project aims at securing affordable family trips to Israel, encouraging jubilant celebratory experience in the heart of our homeland along with all of our brothers and sisters.

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